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Top 10 Longboard Skateboard Brands 2013

Top 10 Longboard Skateboard Brands 2013

It is difficult to choose the "Top 10" brands of any time, particularly longboard skateboards, when it means comparing the quality of one brand over another. In many cases, the brands serve different niches or have unique features that makes them stand out from the crowd. Here is a list of ten of the best brands in the USA, most of them made right here at home, along with a description of the features that earn them a spot in the Top 10 longboard skateboard brands 2013.

1) Sector 9. This brand is one of the best-known manufacturers of longboards due to its wide variety of board flexibility styles. Whether riders want to cruise, carve or downhill, there is a Sector 9 board to accommodate these styles. Sector 9 began as a backyard project by dedicated skaters and developed into today's huge San Diego manufacturing compound where the company produces such stellar longboards as the Aperture Sidewinder, Carbon Decay, Goddess and Rasta series.

2) Razor Ripstik Castor Board. This unique board is described as the marriage of a snowboard and a skateboard. With two wheels instead of four, the Ripstik functions much like Razor's other famous products, scooters. It relies on 360-degree inclined castors and a pivoting deck to provide supreme carving capability and the feel of snowboarding while longboarding. Made in Cerritos, California, Razor's Ripstik models include the ā€œGā€, Air Pro, and Ripster boards. 

3) Loaded Boards. Made in Culver City, California, Loaded Boards have long been known for the team's groundbreaking design abilities and pushing the envelope when it comes to unique boards. Loaded takes chances, and the payoff is evident in such diverse designs as the Vanguard, Dervish, Tan Tien, and Bhangra. Loaded longboards provide creative designs that allow everyone to find something that suits different riding needs and styles. 

4) Original Longboards. This East Palo Alto, California, company relies on their own trucks to engineer boards to a specific style of riding. Customers communicate with the company and the design team puts together the perfect board for that individual. Favorite designs include the Pintail 40, Custom 35 and Malakai. East Palo Alto, CA.

5) Arbor Longboards. This company specializes in longboards and is based in Venice, California. Not only does Arbor make great longboards like the Axis Bamboo, Fish and Pin but the company also minimizes its impact by using materials designed to have little effect on the environment. The only "footprints" Arbor is interested in leaving are the ones on these fantastic boards!

6) Gravity Longboards. Gravity is another company that has been around for awhile and has learned the secrets of consistently producing quality skateboards with high performance. Gravity has a wide range of boards for all types of styles and preferences, including the Complete 41 Drop Carve Makai, the Complete 42 Mini Carve, the 27 Mini Classic and the 37 Diamond Tail Complete. All Gravity boards are designed and manufactured in San Marcos, California, with true attention to environmental detail.

7) Gold Coast Longboards. With more than 20 years of experience in designing and creating longboards, Gold Coast has had plenty of time to build its reputation. The result is that the company has a great name among long boarders for developing innovative designs and producing high-quality boards such as the Blues Longboard, Complete Longboard Circuit Bolt and the Venice Longboard. This company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with offices in California.

8) Landyachtz Longboards. This company is one of the most famous makers of longboards outside of the California concentration area. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, this company features a small group of designers who are passionate about skateboarding. Their wealth of experience has allowed them to design some of the most famous names in longboard models with flexibility and high-quality performance, including the Switch Bullet, EVO Green Flytrap, Chinook and Bamboo Battle Axe.

9) Santa Cruz Skateboard. This company was originally one of the biggest manufacturers in Santa Cruz, California, although today's economy has forced SC to outsource some of its production. Nevertheless, the boards coming out of Santa Cruz are amazing, including the Land Shark Sk8 Powerply Complete, Mahaka Complete, Mako Shark Complete and Screaming Foot Right Sk8 Complete. Santa Cruz is know for its crazy graphics and sturdy, quality longboards.

10) Atom Longboards. There are a couple of "starter" brands that sell well on Amazon and in other places, but unlike most of those brands, Atom is made in the United States. This company was the pioneer of mountain boarding and the parent company, MBS, now produces some of the best starter longboards on the market at very reasonable prices. Beginners can check out the Pintail, Kicktail, and Drop Through longboards, all made in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Serious boarders can easily find an American-made board using the Top 10 Longboard Skateboard Brands 2013 list--so what are you waiting for? Find your perfect board and keep rolling.

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